An instruction to Turn Off Autocorrect Spelling on Mac


In this topic, I will indicate an approach to Disable or Turn Off Autocorrect Spelling on Mac. MacOS provides "Auto-Correct" feature with the aim to help users compile more conveniently. However, this function might not totally match what you desire and sometimes it guesses wrong words as corrections. If you are annoyed and getting trouble with this Autocorrect Spelling on Mac, follow these steps to switch off this feature effortlessly.

How to Disable Autocorrect on macOS

  • Step 1 . First off, Go to Apple Menu → Choose System Preferences.

  • Step 2 . Next, Click on Keyboard.

  • Step 3 . Then, click on the Text tab.

  • Step 4. There will be a checkbox next to the option Correct Spelling Automatically . Now, you can uncheck the box to turn it off.

Just in case you desire to turn this feature on back again when you need its support, you can redo the steps and check the box again.

Wrapping up…

The autocorrect Spelling on Mac sometimes makes us get some unexpected troubles, but after this simple guidance, you know how to deactive this function of macOS.