An instruction to Download and Install Canon LBP2900B Printer Drivers on macOS Mojave

The following content of this topic will reveal a resort of how to Download and Install Canon LBP2900B Printer Drivers on macOS Mojave. If you are struggling with installing this kind of printer on your Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air devices, this topic will help you solve the problem.

  • Step 1: Uninstall Old Printer Drivers

I would suggest you avoid conflicts with the previous printer drivers, you have to first remove them completely from your device. In order to uninstall the current printer, Tap on Apple icon on the top left corner and go to System Preferences


There will be many system options pop up and then, you need to click on Printers and Scanners icon.

Now, it’s time for you to choose your current printer from the left side of printers list, hit button and select Delete Printer to remove your existing printer.


Once you get it done, restart your Mac for the changes to take effect.

  • Step 2: Download and Install CAPT Printer Driver & Utilities for Mac V10.0.0

Enter the Cannon official website to download CAPT Printer Driver & Utilities for Mac V10.0.0. In fact, the drivers and support tools listed there is compatible with Canon LBP3000 printer but don’t be afraid, we’ll operate a patch to make it suitable for LBP2900B printer.

Then, accept the terms and conditions checkbox, the download button will appear. Click on it to begin downloading mac-capt-v1000-uken.dmg file and you can save it on the desktop.


Next, Double click on the file to mount and open the disk image. There will be two folders named Documents and MacOSX contained in the disk image . Inside MacOSX folder, double click on Canon_CAPT_installer.pkg file to lauthe nch installation of the package contents.

At this point, you have successfully installed the necessary drivers of LBP3000 printer ( not for LBP2900B printer ). Therefore, conduct the below patch to make them compatible with the new printer.

  • Step 3: Apply LBP2900B Patch for macOS Mojave

First off, you need to download the patch and extract the files on your desktop.

Next, go to Finder menu, select Go and click on Go to Finder


Under Go to the folder: text field, paste this path /Library/Printers/Canon/CUPSCAPT2/Bidi and hit Go.


On your desktop, copy captmoncnab3 file from the extracted files of and replace it inside the Bidi folder. Once you finish replacing it, the Administrator password is required.

In Go to the folder: text field, paste the following path /Library/Printers/Canon/CUPSCAPT2/cnaccm and click Go.


Then, copy the file CnAC28B9.DAT from previous extracted patch files and place it in cnaccmfolder. Ensure that you get it done correctly, restart your Mac and be ready for the next step.


Be cautious to replace both captmoncnab3 and CnAC28B9.DAT files in cnaccm and Bidi folders respectively. A small mistake while replacing these files won’t make the patch take effects properly.

Then, type your Administrator password while replacing the patch files.

These files and mac-capt-v1000-uken.dmg is not necessary after you successfully apply the patch and you can delete them from the desktop after.

Restart your MacBook is not a compulsion but you should do that.

  • Step 4: Setup Canon LBP2900B Printer on your Mac

Follow the step below to operate your Canon LBP2900B printer on Mac:

  1. Power on and connect your printer to MacBook using a USB cable.
  2. Open System Preferences… and select Printers and Scanners.
  3. Click on the + icon and choose Canon LBP2900B printer.
  4. Under Use: drop-down option, pick Select Software…
  5. Search LBP3000 and from search results select Canon LBP3000 CAPT (UK) .
  6. Hit OK to finish the setup process.

Wrapping up…

Due to the fact that Canon LBP2900B printer has not been used commonly, the drivers for the latest version of macOS is not yet available in Canon official store. However, by adding LBP3000 printer from System Preferences and operate a patch to make it compatible for LBP2900B model is the only solution for this issue.