An instruction to Check Air Quality Index in Apple Maps on iPhone and iPad


If health is your primary consideration and the AQI level is the first element you need to check out on your iDevice whenever you decide to go anywhere, you have just arrived at the right topic. Since being released, iOS 12.2 provides many wonderful features such as redesigned Apple TV remote, HomeKit TV support and more. Among those useful functionalities, the option to obtain information about “Air Quality” in Apple Maps on the iPhone is really awesome.

Step 1. First off, head to Settings app on your iOS device.

Step 2. Then, scroll down till you see Maps and tap on it.


Step 3. Finally, turn on the switch for the Air Quality Index.

That’s it! Going forward, Apple Maps will display the AQI.

According to the Environment Protection Agency (US), the standard for acceptable AQI level is between 0 to 50 and it is represented by green. The following image is the best category for air quality.


Wrapping up…

Thanks to convenient features have been released recently, the functionalities developed by Apple absolutely have the potential to be an alternative for other popular apps like Google Maps on iOS devices in the near future.