After upgrding to iOS 9.1, iBooks keeps crashing on my iPad

How to fix? the iBooks app does not stop crashing on my iPad in iOS 9.1. It is not working at all and goes to blank screen and then it send me back to the iPad screen.

Well, you may try the following solutions.

Firstly, reboot your iPad by pressing and holding Sleep/Wake button and Home button until the iPad is turned off and then turned back again (seeing the apple logo).

If the problem remains the same, you might need to reset all setting (Settings - General - Reset - Reset All Settings).

The last solution is restoring your iPad to Factory setting.
Hopefully this would help :slight_smile:

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It works again after I reset my iPad. Thanks

Have an iPad2 with the latest iOS 9.3.3. I have done everything App Support and everyone else recommended only to keep having iBooks crash, quit unexpectedly, and/or freeze on a constant basis. I have done hard restarts, shut down the iPad and restarted it, reset the settings, completely removed iBooks and reinstalled it with the nightmare of reinstalling all my books, and wiped my entire iPad to reinstall everything. iBooks will work okay for a day or two and then go back to acting up again. My iPad has been turned into nothing more than a bleeding large screened digital solitaire and word puzzle game screen. Totally sucks. My SketchBook Pro keeps shutting down too. Not cool. Really missing the days of just doing everything through iTunes. Never had this problem then.
Oh, hardware was tested at the Apple Store and given the green light of health, so it is not my hardware. Grrrrr. Suggestions? I still have over 20GB available on my iPad HD.