Adding Dock to the Touch Bar on your MacBook


If you are wondering how to add the Dock to the Touch Bar on your new MacBook, look at the following tutorials.

First, download and run Pock, a free app to Display macOS Dock in Touch Bar, in your MacBook. Open System Preferences and access Pock.

Subsequently, Click on app and select Preferences. Then check the option Hide Control Strip.

Notice that the Dock in the Touch Bar will let you know details for apps. However, Dock can only inform that you have new notifications but not tell you the number of new notifications.
Also, Dock will show you the apps that are running (by an indication of a blue dot). Items in the Dock will be shown on the Touch Bar. Click on one of them to open.

Moreover, to edit the pace that Dock inform new notifications for you, you can visit its Preferences (Normally, the time will be set at every ten seconds).