Add a Room in iOS 10 Home App on iPhone/iPad

In the forthcoming iOS 10, a new App called “Home” will be arrived. What can we do with this new function? It provides an ultra-convenient HomeKit control solution. This new Home app will let’s to separate separate your house into two different rooms. Moreover, you can add some smart items which are there in those specific rooms in order to control them perfectly.
Let’s us check it our to see how it’s gonna work.

Steps to Add a Room in Home App in iOS 10 on iPhone or iPad

  1. From the screen, Launch the Home app.

  2. Tab on Rooms at the bottom

  3. Tab on the tiny three lines with dots

  4. tap on Room Settings at the bottom

  5. Add Room

  6. Next, enter the name of the room. Under ROOM WALLPAPER, you have two options (Take a photo with camera or Choose from existing).

  7. After selecting the desired photo, tap on Set from the bottom right corner

  8. Done