A useful solution to Disable Video Autoplay in Safari on Mac

Today, I will share with the way to Stop Autoplay Video in Safari for Mac. Many of you may be annoyed by the auto-playing videos when browsing the web. In addition, prevent the videos from playing automatically will also boost up web surfing experience and evade being disturbed by unexpected things. Follow these instructions to deactivate the Video Autoplay in Safari on your Mac.

How to Disable Video Autoplay in Safari on Mac

  • Step 1. In the first step, you need to close Safari if it is opened on your Mac.

  • Step 2. Then, head to FinderApplications/UtilitiesTerminal. (Or search it using Spotlight search.)

  • Step 3. Then, you need to type the following command.

defaults write com.apple.Safari IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1


  • Step 4. Once you get it done, press the return key.

  • Step 5. Next, Open Safari and click on the newly added Debug menu.

  • Step 6. Finally, click on Media Flags and then choose Disallow in-line video.

That’s it! You have just successfully disabled the in-line videos. From now, whenever you desire to play the video you have to click the button to do so.

How to Re-Enable Autoplaying Videos in Safari on Mac

Just in case you change your mind, it’s quite simple to re-enable the in-line videos.

Launch Safari on your Mac → Click on Debug menu → Now, click on Media Flags and click on Disallow inline video.

From now onwards, videos will be auto-playing.

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I hope that you guys will now browse the web in peace without being distracted by unwanted videos by using this simple trick.