A tutorial to Screen Record with Audio on iPhone (UPDATED FOR iOS 12)


This post is about the method of how to Screen Record with Audio on iPhone.
You might not know that iOS 11 and above provide a very useful function which allows you to record your iPhone’s screen. If you are wondering how to activate this awesome feature of iOS device and looking for the way to do it, you have just arrived at the right post. The content of this topic contains a step-by-step tutorial in detail which will help you to record the screen of your iPhone. Let’s get started and see how to enable this feature on your iOS device.

How to Record Your iPhone Screen

  • First off, launch the Settings app on your device

  • Next up, tap on Control Center

  • Then, choose Customize Controls.


  • Afterward, tap on the green circle next to Screen Recording.


Now, you are ready to record your screen. But the sound won’t be included during the screen capture by default. Follow the steps below to discover the way to record also audio for your screen-capture video.

Screen Recording Audio on iPhone: The Fine Points

There will be several options for you to choose:

  • If you desire to record your voice during screen recording on iPhone, you want the Microphone turned on (*Note that this will also record in-app sounds).

  • If you only want to record the sounds of an app, you want the Microphone turned off but your iPhone’s ringer turned on.

  • If you turn the Microphone off and have your ringer off (silent), the screen recording will also be silent.

How to Record Sound when Recording Your iPhone Screen

  • To do so, launch the Control Center.

  • Next, 3D Touch or long press the Screen Record icon.

  • Then, Microphone Audio will appear. Tap to turn it on (or off).

  • Finally, hit Start Recording.


A count down will pop up on your screen begin from three to one. Once the counter reaches one your iPhone will start recording the screen and your voice or any other ambient audio. When you stop recording, the screen capture will automatically save your recording to your Photos album.

To conclude

From now, you know how to perform the screen record with Audio. I hope after applying these simple tricks, you will enjoy using your iOS device with ease.