A trick to Change Notification Badge Color on iOS 12 “No Jailbreak"


In this post, I will share with you a trick to Change Notification Badge Color on iOS 12 without jailbreak or computer. However, you need to install a specific third-party application which allows you to change the notification badge color for a few weeks because those apps will be eliminated after several weeks. Let’s find out how to get it done.

Notice: Just in case something goes wrong after using the tweaked app, ensure that you already have the back up fr your iOS device.

  • Step 1. In the first step, access the website (Ignition) and then “tap on the middle box”. Then select “Utility section” and search for Torngat-Badges. Tap on the download button and wait for the dialog box to appear and tap on install. If the installation does not automatically operate, you can tap on the app loading on the home screen to begin the setup.


  • Step 2. When you get your app installed, you will need to verify it. To do so, head over SettingsGeneralDevice management, and next access the carrier changer profile . There will be a** “trust button” appears. Now, tap on this button to verify and you will be able to launch it.


  • Step 3. Launch the torngat app and you will see a white screen. wait a while for iOS device to reboot. Once your device completes rebooting, open torngat, you will see your notification badge color.


  • Step 4. Then, go to this the website HTML colors and choose any colors as you prefer, at the top, you will have the hex code of the color. Copy the hex code , open torngat and then place it in under the badge color . To quit the keyboard “tap on dismiss keyboard button”. Once you paste it you will see the top badge color changes to the color you have selected. Then tap on “change”.


If you go to the home screen and see a notification badge it will be in the color that you chose. You can modify it as many times as you desire.

One important thing is that the notification badge color will no longer take effect and turn back to the original color if you remove the torngat app.



That’s how you can change the color of notification badge on iOS 12 without having your phone jailbreaked. Hope you guys successfully modify the color of notification badge by following the instruction aforementioned.