A trick to Change Carrier Logo on iOS 12 “No Jailbreak


This post will reveal a useful tip to Change Carrier Logo on iOS 12 without jailbreak. You might not know that it is possible to modify your Carrier Logo of your iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 without operating a jailbreak on your iDevice. This resort basically is to use a third-party application to change the logo. Follow the simple tutorial below in order to get it done.

How to Change Carrier Logo on iOS 12?

  • Step 1. Firstly, Go to the website (Ignition) and then tap on the second part. Then select “Utilities” and then tap on “ CarrierChanger12 “. Next, hit the download button and wait for the popup and then choose install. If the installation does not automatically operate, you can tap on the app loading on the home screen to begin the setup.


  • Step 2. When you get your app installed, you will need to verify it. To do so, head over SettingsGeneralDevice management, and next access the carrier changer profile. There will be a** “trust button” appears. Now, tap on this button to verify and you will be able to launch it.


  • Step 3. Next up, Start carrier changer then you will see a text saying “Type Carrier Name”. Tap on the text, then enter whatever you prefer on the field. Next, hit Done. It will take for the processing then you will see a notification inform that it’s successfully done. Reboot your device and enjoy tour custom carrier logo.


iPhone X and above will result in the logo in the control center which you can swipe up to see it. However, the products under iPhone X will have their carrier logo at the top of the screen – in the notch.



Modifying the carrier logo on iOS 12 without jailbreak is actually not difficult by using a third-party application. I hope that this post will be helpful for you.