A tip to Use Safari Zoom to Make Content Larger for Webpages on Mac


In this topic, I will share with you a very useful method to Use Safari Zoom to Make Content Larger for Webpages on Mac.
You may occasionally find that the content display of some websites is a bit tiny for you to read. If you are using a macOS device, Safari probably is the familiar web browser with you. And you might not know that Safari actually has a function to help you zoom in on all or particular websites. In other words, you are able the adjust the size of webpages in order to have a zoom level comfortable for you. Let’s find out this handy feature.

How to Zoom In and Out on a Webpage in Safari on Mac

Indeed, there are different ways to enlarge the content on Safari webpages on Mac. In this post, we will reveal two options which will help you to customize the webpages size in your Safari.

Method 1: First off, click on the View menu bar and select Zoom In to enlarge the content of your webpage. Once you desire to reduce the size, you can redo the step and select Zoom Out.

Method 2: Open the Safari menu and select Settings for This Website. Then, navigate to the Page Zoom and then click on the drop-down menu. Now choose from several available options until you feel comfortable.

Notice :

In fact, you also can use the pinch open gesture on your trackpad to magnify your webpages. This method is actually convenient because it is a temporary solution and you don’t have to waste your time to reduce the size whenever you change your mind.

It should be noted that Safari also supports an option to modify only the text larger or smaller. To get it done, just click on View menu. Then, press and hold the Option key and select Make Text Bigger or Make Text Smaller.

Customize Zoom In On All Webpages Automatically in Safari on Mac

Step 1. To do so, launch Safari on your Mac.

Step 2. Then, select Safari menu and choose Preferences.

Step 3. Next, click on the Websites tab and choose Page Zoom.

Once you get it done, you need to remove all the sites, which you have modified. Otherwise, the change won’t take effects on these sites. To do so, simply select all these configured sites and hit Remove.

Afterward, click on the drop-down button next to When visiting other websites and choose the desired zoom level.

Finally, quit the setting and enjoy.

Wrapping Up…

Customizing the size of webpages actually is not as tricky as you thought, right? I hope that this handy tutorial can help you use Safari on your Mac effectively.

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