A resort to Install VMware Tools on macOS High Sierra

A resort to Install VMware Tools on macOS High Sierra

In this topic, I will show you instructions to install Vmware Tools on macOS High Sierra to solve screen resolution and other issues. You probably have faced with the problem that the operating system could not be visualized in a full-screen mode if you have made effort to install macOS High Sierra or the old version of Mac Operating System on your Windows PC via VMware or VirtualBox. In this case, it is necessary to install VMware tools to get rid of it.

Install VMware Tools on macOS High Sierra

Step 1. First off, Download the patch tool for macOS High Sierra.

Notice: The VM Tool iso file is in the Tools folder in Patch tool.

Step 2. Next up, you need to power on the macOS High Sierra VM that you want to install VMware tools on it. Now, Right Click on macOS High Sierra tab then click on Removable Devices → CD/DVD (SATA) → Settings.

Step 3 Then, search for the VMware Tools you downloaded in step 1.

Head over Tools → Patch Tool and choose VMware Tools.iso.

Step 4. After getting it done, click OK.

Step 5. Now, the VMware tools will automatically appear on your desktop. You have to click on Install VMware tools.

Step 6. On the beginning page of VMware tools Installer, click Continue.

Step 7. Then, hit Install button to continue.

Step 8. Next up, there will an alert message pops up and just ignore it and click Continue Installation.

Step 9. Now, enter your username plus password and click Install Software.

Step 10. After the installation is successfully completed, click Restart.

VMware Tools did not work and Screen Resolution was not fixed

If the screen resolution was not fixed and the problem is still there. Keep reading to find the solution.

Step 1. In this case, you can launch System Preferences and select Security & Privacy.

Step 2. Next up, the VMware tools are limited by the system developer. From the General section click Allow button to continue the process.

Step 3. Afterward, you have to Restart your device.

Step 4. After you get it done, verify your username and password click Enter.

Now, you know how to fix screen resolution on macOS High Sierra on Vmware. The resort for this is to download and install Vmware tool and browse it to your macOS High Sierra virtual machine. I hope this can be a useful tip for you to solve the problem.