A Guidance to Improve macOS Mojave Battery Life on MacBook Pro and Air


The following post will present tips to Improve macOS Mojave Battery Life on MacBook Pro and Air step by step.
In some cases, macOS users may confront the macOS Mojave battery draining issue. The software upgrade sometimes possibly causes rapid power consumption. However, this problem can be pretended by some tricks and furthermore, endure your macOS Mojave Battery Life.

  • Disable Bluetooth When Not Needed

Once the Bluetooth feature is activated, it keeps scanning the signal all the time. This kind of action certainly requires the power for operating the job. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose some power of your battery, make sure that you disable it when it is not necessary. Simply click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and select Turn Bluetooth Off.


  • Ensure That You Have Ideally Adjusted Energy-Related Settings

In fact, macOS allows you to modify the energy-related settings. Take an example, the display can be set to turn off after a certain period or you can dim the display of your iDevice when charging and more…

First off, go to System PreferencesEnergy Saver and then make sure all the settings are perfectly enabled.


Now, you can set the Energy Saver to the default. To do so, click on Restore Defaults.


  • Do Not Keep Too Many Apps Open for Long

One of the simplest ways to extend the battery life of the macOS is to quit the apps as soon as you have dealt with them. In other words, do not keep too many apps open at a time. The longer they are ON, the more power they will consume.


  • Keep Brightness In Check

The brightness of your screen can be one of the important factors that impact your battery power. Hence, don’t adjust the brightness at the highest level if it’s not necessary. In my opinion, the brightness of my screen is set depending on the ambient environment. I will adjust the brightness higher when I am in low-light condition and lower the brightness in a reversed condition. This will not only improve the battery’s performance but also protect my eyes.

  • Take Advantage of Dark Mode Whenever Possible

macOS Mojave also has an awesome function which is Dark Mode . You can change your device to this mode to improve your viewing and make your device’s battery last longer.

  • Reduce Motions and Transparency

To do this, you should follow the steps below:

First off, open System PreferencesAccessibility.

Afterward, select DisplayCheck the boxes next to Reduce Motions and Reduce Transparency.


  • Use Safari As Much As Possible

Safari is a common app of iDevices and you can adjust it to surf the web safely and also decrease the power consumption. Moreover, you can also disable the auto-play videos to not just stop the unexpected clips but also keep the battery last longer.

Keep All the Apps Updated

Once the apps are outdated, they might trigger diverse issues and slow down your device’s performance or even drain your battery. Therefore, to keep them update you can launch Mac App Store → Click on UpdatesHit the Update All.

  • Use Location Services Smartly

Since it has the potential to affect your battery, you should enable this feature only when you need it. And when you don’t use it, never fail to turn it off. System PreferencesSecurity & Privacy.


Click on PrivacyLocation ServicesUncheck the box next to Enable Location ServicesTurn Off.

  • Turn Off Dynamic Desktop

As a matter of fact, macOS Mojave is released with Dynamic Desktop that alters automatically based on the time of the day. So, your display never looks boring. However, this new add-on has a drawback as it requires unrestricted access to your location, and that can directly lead to rapid battery consumption. For that reason, it’s necessary to turn this feature off.

There are actually some further solutions for limiting the battery consumption on your device besides the basic tricks above.

  • Reset PRAM/SMC on Your MacBook

Sometimes, your Mac possibly act unusually and the basic methods above do not work, you can try to reset PRAM/SMC. Indeed, your MacBook should work properly and stable, the battery life should go back to the initial status when you reset PRAM.

But if it does not take any effects, it’s time to go for the software update.

  • Update OS on Your MacBook

If your Mac is getting a bug problem, updating software will certainly fix the issue and rescue your device’s battery from rapid consumption. Furthermore, Apple keeps on optimizing the general performance of the macOS and dealing with unexpected issues. Hence, it’s worth to go for this solution as well.


  • Why Not Try Out A Competent Mac Cleaner to Keep the Mess At Bay

Your computer might have some delays and run slowly due to tons of files and apps installed. However, there is software that can help you overcome this issue and clear the redundant files easily. In this case, you can try Mac cleaner deal with the problem.

That’s it!

Wrapping Up…

I expect those tips above can help you boost up your iDevices effectively and keep the battery stay for a longer time.