Instruction to crack Adobe CC Collection 2015 - 2019 using Adobe Zii

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    Adobe Zii 4.0.5 is the latest version. This is the most easiest and effective tool to get the whole Adobe CC collection 2015/2015.5/2016/2017/2018/2019 cracked safely on Mac. How to use it in the right way?

    0_1542615825138_Adobe Zii.jpg

    Filename: Adobe Zii v4.0.5 Ae-Ai-Ic-Id-Me-Pl-Pr-Ps
    Filesize: 6.82 MB
    You may want to track the Latest version available here.


    +, The whole Adobe CC Collection 2015 - 2018
    +, Adobe CC Collection 2019:

    • Illustrator CC 2019
    • Media Encoder CC 2019
    • InCopy CC 2019
    • After Effects CC 2019
    • InDesign CC 2019
    • Photoshop CC 2019
    • Prelude CC 2019
    • Premiere Pro CC 2019, and more in the next version.

    Be noticed: You may have to disable the Gatekeeper to ignore problems during launching the app due to "it is from an unidentified developer" or "Application is Damaged Warnings".

    • Disable your Internet connection

    • Install Adobe CC product as trial option

    • Make sure you close all Adobe programs running.

    • Launch Adobe Zii
      0_1542784455885_Adobe Zii.png

    • Click on "PATCH OR DRG" button, Zii then scan and patch all available Adobe softwares which have installed on your Mac.


    • You may be required administrator password during the whole process.
    • You must use the drag & drop mechanism on Adobe softwares installed in a directory different from Applications.
    • Some of you may already subscribed certain Adobe apps. In this case I don't recommend to patch them.
    • Some may face trial active or expired after patching a software. In this case, Creative Cloud interface, and the program will start without any problems.
    • The following command lines would help to perform trial reset using Terminal (found under /Applications/Utilities/)
    sudo killall ACCFinderSync “Core Sync” AdobeCRDaemon “Adobe Creative” AdobeIPCBroker node “Adobe Desktop Service” “Adobe Crash Reporter”


    sudo rm -rf “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLCache/” “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLStore/” “/Library/Caches/.”* “/private/tmp/zx”* “~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/.”*

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  • Hi, how do you install this software (2019) as it keeps asking for an Adobe ID, how do you install it without the Adobe ID?
    It doesn't give me the option of a trial.....