Bluetooth is not working correctly under MacOS Mojave [Fixed]

The bluetooth functions may not work correctly after upgrading to the new MacOS Mojave. How to Fix?

Solution1: Reset your Mac’s Bluetooth Module

Click on the Bluetooth symbol in the top-right corner while you keep holding both  Shift  and Option (Alt) buttons. You may need to make the bluetooth symbol visible first in System Preferences -> Bluetooth.

Mojave bluetooh not working

You will easily to click on Reset the Bluetooth module under Debug submenu. After all, reset your Mac and the Bluetooth functions must work well again under MacOS Mojave.

Solution 2: Remove Your Mac’s Bluetooth potentially corrupted files

There are 2 files that we should delete.

The first file:

  • Click on “Go” on the menu bar and go to “Go to Folder…”, then Type “/Library/Preferences” in the “Go to Folder” Window then click on Go button.

  • In the “Preferences” folder , find and delete the file.

The second file:

  • From the Go to Folder window, type “/Library/Preferences” and then click on the blue “Go” button.

  • Find and remove the file

Fix mac bluetooth

After all, Reboot the Mac.

Solution3: Reset Bluetooth mac using Terminal

If bluetooth is not working correctly on the new MacOS Mojave, that reset bluetooth function would help:

Terminal (Found in Applications/Utilities), enter the following command lines one by one. Your administrator password, which is used to login to your Mac may be required.

sudo kextunload -b


sudo kextload -b


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